Pat’s Education and Work History


Educational background:

Graduated Magna Cum Laude – Cal Lutheran University (CLU)

             Clear Standard Elementary Credential K-8

             Resource Specialist Certificate  (Academic Fellowship)

Learning Handicapped Credential – Cal State University Northridge

Clear Administrative Services Credential – University of LaVerne

  1.     Master of Education – University of LaVerne

  2.      2 year autism training certificate – So. Cal. Autism Training Coalition

TEACCH training (3 and 5 day trainings)

Professional Assault Response Training (Certified Trainer of Trainers)

ABA and Discrete Trial Teaching Training – Autism Partnership

Attended countless autism and related conferences and trainings over the past 35 years

Work and Teaching Experience - Los Angeles Unified School District

  1. Technical Expert Specialist-Autism – 2000-Retirement . 

  2. -Designed and implemented the Intensive Comprehensive Autism Programs (ICAP) for pre-school and K-1 

     students with autism (9 sites, 12 classes)

  1. -Ongoing advisor and trainer to ICAP programs

  2. -Designed and implemented initial and ongoing autism training for teachers, administrators, assistants, and

     support personnel

  1. -Designed and implemented programs for high-functioning/Asperger students in LAUSD

  2. -Consultant to all autism programs and related personnel throughout LAUSD (preschool, Program Specialists, Teachers, Local District Coordinators, Due Process, Support Personnel, etc.)

  3. -Lecture on the topic of autism spectrum disorder to all 8 LAUSD districts

  4. -Guest trainer to Lancaster School District on autism spectrum disorder

  5. Program Specialist (West Valley) – 1998-2000

  6. -Consultant to K-12 in West Valley Special Education Unit – area 2 (approximately 12 schools)

  7. -Determined appropriate placement for students with disabilities

  8. -Participated in IEP’s related to placement, educational, behavioral, and DIS services issues

  9. -Directed regular trainings for teachers, assistants, and other personnel on related special education issues

  10. -Co-organized Summer School for entire unit for summer of 1999

  11. Inclusion Facilitator – 1995-1998

  12. -Facilitated the full inclusion of 15 to 19 students with various disabilities (95% Autistic) in 12 different schools

  13. -Provided hands on training for general education teachers and assistants

  14. -Made modifications and accommodations to general education curriculum for students included in general education settings

  15. -Provided ongoing consultation to teachers and assistants and related personnel

  16. -Provided behavioral training (Professional Assault Response Training (PART) to personnel working with students with behavioral challenges

  17. -Designed and implemented behavioral support plans for included students

  18. Resource Specialist Teacher –1994-1995

  19. Learning Handicapped Teacher – 1991-1994

  20. Special Education Assistant – 1977-1989